A New Year, a renewed beginning for the US Open Knowledge network

Note: this is an expanded version of the recap of the rebooted US OKFN’s inaugural webinar posted here. If you look at the blogpost before this – its dated August 17, 2014!  Almost 3.5 years! Right there, is the problem we’re addressing with the reinvigorated US OKN. For now, we will just repost from  […]

Opening Knowledge Requires Diversity

13% of Americans hablan español en casa; half of those folks speak English “very well.” I have heard the second fact used as an excuse not to tweet, blog, and otherwise communicate in Spanish, but when you do the math, that would ignore more than 20 million Americans, up to 40 million depending on the […]

1000 Pebbles on a Path

With a tweet linking to this post, I have published the first 1,000 tweets at @OKFNUS. Below are some tales and details from the first 1,000 tweets. Going forward, expect more of the same at @OKFNUS — plus! more from other US Ambassadors and representatives of the Open Knowledge Foundation. I look forward to sharing […]