June 6 #okfSF @PLOS :: #OpenAccess and more

Following this event, Matt Senate of @PLOS blogged on their Recipe for a Good Event. It’s recommended reading when hosting a popular meetup.

I started open notes for the event at http://okfnpad.org/20130606sf. Below the following Meetup.com embed, I have published select tweets, photos, and other reports from #okfSF and other media. You can also check out our recap of the #okfSF meetup from March 2013.


the view from the Google+ Hangout

packed house

20130606 #okfsf at plos, by cc's billy meinke

Open Access

20130606 #okfsf @plos by tommy chhengin Brasil

Alexandre Hannud Abdo, Wikimedia Brazil, and Post-doctoral researcher, Universidade de São Paulo http://cecm.usp.br/~eris/en/ via Google Hangout…

 at the University of California, Davis

20130606 #okfsf at plos by sameer verma

MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian, UC Davis speaks (photo, right by @SameerVerma)

“We <3 librarians – the lifeblood of OA!!!” — Marina Kukso, PLOS

and reproducibility

markdown for science

20130606 #okfsf at plos - by dario of mfenner

People lingered long into the evening @PLOS. They and I both inadvertently left the Google+ Hangout running, and sometime after 10pm:

20130606 #OKFNUS @PLOS Hangout

the run-up

in our last episode, at wikimedia

Check out our recap of the first 2013 #OKFsf meetup which opened with @jwyg delivering:


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