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@okfnus at @wikimedia with @jay_nath, by @spjika

@Jay_Nath by @tmccormick

@Jay_Nath by @tmccormick

Let’s meet

We met in San Francisco!




March 25, 2013, Wikimedia Foundation offices


the run-up

Lots of great people confirmed for @ meetup in San Francisco on Monday: http://t.co/TebZej4VR4 #opendata #ddj #openaccess #publicdomain
Jonathan Gray

our hashtag was #okfSF, select tweets

Kicking off #okfSF session w wonderfully geeky #opendata & #openeverything folks. Sharing is king! @ peeps representing! @

Awesome to see Jay Nath at the Open Knowledge meetup. Also, an awesome cast all around. #okfSF
Randall Leeds

here at @ talking about #opendata and SF new legislation #okfSF
Jay Nath

Really interested in distributed annotations on rich media, eg HTML 5 video. #okfSF
Ben Werdmuller

Great to see all this people interested in open data, open content, open access or the public domain at the meetup. #okfSF

MT @: http://t.co/qc4GcaeYHc @ working on maintaining PDF to html annotations. Good times! #okfSF meetup
Open Science Fedn

An exciting conversation on open data, open content, and the public domain. @ #okfSF
Tony Chen

@ rockin it at @ Discussing the mission of @ & challenges of putting together a bidfor city of Oakland. #okfSF
Laci Videmsky

#okfSF @ close! My slides for my copyright reform lightning talk are http://t.co/P1fn7eOrbk
Nicolas Suzor

Thunkpedia is a really smart take on wikis. Love it. http://t.co/sTjA8J8euW #okfSF
Ben Werdmuller

Thanks Ben! “@: Thunkpedia is a really smart take on wikis. Love it. http://t.co/slwQmjJWpG #okfSF

Digging the #PeerLibrary demo at #okfSF, accessibility to academic info is key to knowledge sharing! #openscience & #opensource

learning about PeerLibrary that aggregates 23M scientific articles. allows annotation and scoring of articles #okfSF
Jay Nath

Watch this space: http://t.co/Qds4ptuiyw an open peer review engine for the #OA literature launching soon: https://t.co/USwdTZ10Qm #okfSF
Dario Taraborelli

Great! Search engine for open access scholarly journals to be launched in the coming weeks: http://t.co/gxZ1rdCoN9 #opendata #okfSF
Liliana Bounegru

.@ giving a compelling @ pitch and demo at #okfSF
Dario Taraborelli

Neat! Ambra is an open source platform for open access journals: http://t.co/0I4olSp2ks #okfSF
Ben Werdmuller

freeDive tool from Berkeley for exploratory data journalism looks slick, kinda like Tableau #okfSF

Nice effort by @ to help journalist's integrate and encourage exploration of data with #freedive @ #okfSF #datadriven

@ @ @ Really enjoyed the meetup tonight. Hope it happens again soon. Cheers.
Damara Arrowood

Missed #okfSF? These are the awesome Bay Area folks active in #OA #opendata and #openknowledge you should follow: https://t.co/QmsxhZW5Q2
Dario Taraborelli


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