State of CKAN in the US

Taking stock of the US open data landscape – various CKAN installations in the US; the CKAN community; the Open Letter to the Open Data Community; and the open data “industry” in general, with a perspective of what’s happening outside the US.

Speakers: Mark Gibbs, Sebastian Moleski, Joel Natividad


CKAN Development Retrospective

This talk is a high level overview of the most important CKAN changes and features from the past year – DataStore, background jobs, plugin interfaces and the core framework used by CKAN have all seen major changes in 2.7 and 2.8. Get up to speed so you can take advantage of the best CKAN has to offer. CKAN 2.9 development is already underway – learn what’s coming and how you can help shape CKAN’s future direction.

Speaker: Ian Ward


Express Loader: Pushing CKAN data to the next level

Express Loader (ckanext-xloader) gets your CSVs pumped quickly into CKAN’s Datastore. With the release recently, David Read re-architected Data Pusher to meet the needs of busy modern data sites and has achieved a step change in performance, ease of set-up and robustness. He’ll explain how it works and how your CKAN site can take advantage.

Speaker: David Read


What Lies Ahead: 11 years after the first commit

What’s lies ahead?  12 years after v1.0 of was published and 11 years after the first CKAN commit, Open Data is no longer “new” and is becoming standard data infrastructure. Publishing data is just the beginning, what else can CKAN enable as a data management platform? What about the OPEN Government Data Act that Congress unanimously passed last November? What about Smart Cities? Data Governance? Analytics Infrastructure?

Speakers: Mark Gibbs, Sebastian Moleski, Joel Natividad


Technical Roadmap

The core CKAN team walks through the near-term roadmap of CKAN.

Speakers: CKAN Core Team


What is LA Counts?

This talk gives an overview of – the Los Angeles county-wide data platform, and how the California Community Foundation is building it in its vision to making LA County the best place it can be through inspired application of data and stories by a committed and caring public.

Speaker: Carla Casilli


Experiments in Data Portalling: How the WPRDC Works

This talk will describe the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center‘s tool-development process and lessons we have learned from our first few years of opening civic data.

Speaker: David Walker


Using Open Data as part of an Enterprise Analytics Infrastructure

CKAN is not just for publishing data. It is also being used inside government agencies as an essential part of their enterprise analytics infrastructure.  This talk explores what California Natural Resource Agency has done to enable this, and what else is needed to make CKAN essential, mission critical data infrastructure.

Speaker: David Harris


Building California’s first ever statewide water data platform

California’s historic recent drought made headlines around the globe and under Governor Jerry Brown’s leadership the state has led the charge for global action on climate change. Opening up California’s water data enables smarter water pricing, more cost effective conservation programs, streamlines water transfers and enables a more integrated approach to water management. This talk will highlight successes to build a statewide water data platform and optimize every drop of California’s precious water resources.

Speaker: Patrick Atwater


Mapping the Public Landscape with Data and Purpose

Using four distinct problems and their solutions, I’ll talk about how GreenInfo Network and its partners have both used and developed open data sets connected to school campuses, parks, traffic safety, and partisan redistricting. Each example presents a specific challenge in either data adequacy, data communication, or data sharing.

Speaker: Dan Rademacher


What can Human-Centered Design do for Open Data

All too often, we start to build something because we can, but tools and companies fail all the time because they were ahead of the curve. What can Open Data Practitioners do to make sure they’re building the right tools for the right audience?

Speaker: Amanda Damewood


Analyze Changes to Datasets

Highlighting recent work building on Activity Stream to show the full detail of every change made to datasets over their history. David Read will also preview on-going work towards providing full analytical analysis of CKAN activity using external log analysis software such as SumoLogic or Kibana.

Speaker: David Read


Ensuring Access to Federal Research Data

The Federal government’s open data portal,, is a vital resource for policy-making, scholarship, and informed public discourse. To ensure ongoing public access to this resource, the California Digital Library and Code for Science & Society have collaborated on, a CKAN-based distributed mirror of the data corpus available via While most data rescue initiatives have focused on highly-targeted activities regarding particular scientific domains or governmental agencies, the intent of was to leverage the existing aggregation effort by to maintain a large-scale alternative hosting site for Federal research data, currently comprising over 152,000 datasets and 37 TB. CDL and CSS welcome wider participation by interested and engaged institutions and individuals to support, promote, and enhance the collection.

Speaker: Stephen Abrams