Stephen Abrams

Stephen is Associate Director of the University of California Curation Center. He is responsible for strategic planning, innovation, and technical oversight of UC3’s services, systems, and initiatives in preservation, data curation, data management planning, and web archiving. more info…


Patrick Atwater

Patrick serves as project manager for the California Data Collaborative, a coalition of water utilities working together to share metered water use data and ensure water reliability. He has worked as a consulting data engineer for a multi-million dollar venture-backed startup, ran the numbers for the State Water Contractors on Governor Brown’s Delta Fix project and co-authored the feature June 2015 American Water Works Association article on how data science can help water utilities adapt to climate change. As part of Team ARGO, his civic data science work has been featured by the Knight Foundation and Fast Coexist. more info…


Carla Casilli

Carla is the program manager for LA Counts, an open source, open data platform and transparent community resource for Los Angeles County. LA Counts benefits Los Angeles County by presenting open data resources and sharing stories exploring the impact of that data on communities throughout Los Angeles. more info…


Amanda Damewood

Amanda is a service designer with a long history of designing programs, processes and services for non-profits. After her own immigration experience, she became passionate about connecting people to government, which is how she landed at CfA. In her free time, she bakes, hikes, and plans events promoting equity in tech. more info…

Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs is Open Knowledge International’s Chief Operating Officer and has a wealth of Knowledge gained from the IT/ Telecommunications and Data Centre industry. Mark spent most of his career based overseas and has successfully managed a number of Large Operations in The Netherlands, Russia, North America and The Baltics. Mark has both developed and funded a number of Open Source Projects in the Health care space including an Electronic Patient Register in The Netherlands.


David Harris

As Enterprise Data Services Manager, David coordinates development and operation of the services which comprise CNRA’s data management platform. This best-of-breed, integrated platform is dedicated to enabling frontline program staff across the Agency with the data and tools they need to support their most important program objectives with data science. During his thirty year career in IT, David has developed services for a large variety of California government organizations, from small conservancies to large departments, for constitutional offices, and for the State Assembly.


Sebastian Moleski

Sebastian is Chief Executive Officer of Viderum. As an economist and entrepreneur, Sebastian has been a long-time advocate of freeing public sector data for growth and innovation. He has gained his professional experience consulting companies such as the Open Knowledge Foundation, Wikimedia (the organization behind Wikipedia), Irdeto, Energinet, and Shell.


Joel Natividad

Joel is Director of Open Data at OpenGov and is a member of the CKAN Steering Group. Joel was CEO & co-founder of Ontodia, which was the first CKAN professional services partner in the US, before it was acquired by OpenGov in 2016.  He has been working on Open Data since 2010.


Dan Rademacher

Dan Rademacher is Executive Director of GreenInfo Network. Dan leads overall strategy for the organization while also leading many of our interactive projects with a focus on strategic communications, user-centered design, and innovative uses of geospatial and open source web and mobile technologies to achieve client goals.

Dan came to GreenInfo from Stamen Design, a leading web cartography firm, where he supervised all production work and client relationships on projects ranging from a social-media-powered park search engine (using CPAD) to an expert-focused chart library tracking the outcomes of Obamacare. Dan also spent a decade as editorial director for Bay Nature Institute, the publisher of Bay Nature magazine and baynature.org. more info…


David Read

David has delivered digital projects for the Government Digital Service, World Bank, OpenGov and Open Knowledge. David Read has also been on the core tech team of CKAN for eight years and been at the heart of developing data.gov.uk since inception in 2009 to 2017.


David Walker

David is a data wizard at the Western PA Regional Data Center. David spent many years at prestigious schools of data wizardry, where he studied the mathematics of information, handcrafted memexes, took a couple of classes in data ninjutsu for fun, and developed a particular fondness for sporks. He can also hurl tennis rackets at small moving objects with deadly accuracy. more info…


Ian Ward

Ian is concurrently CKAN’s Technical Lead, and the Architect of Canada’s Open Data Portal. As CKAN’s Technical Lead, he is responsible for steering the technical development of CKAN, while guiding discussions and managing contributions from a large number of developers around the world who contribute to the project. As Canada’s Open Data Portal architect, Ian guided the Canada Open Data team and worked with stakeholders to successfully deliver the project on schedule and on budget. He has been working on Open Data since 2012.