Joel Natividad

General Chair

Joel is Director of Open Data at OpenGov and is a member of the CKAN Steering Group. Joel was CEO & co-founder of Ontodia, which was the first CKAN professional services partner in the US, before it was acquired by OpenGov in 2016.  He has been working on Open Data since 2010.

Patrick Atwater

Local Chair

Patrick serves as project manager for the California Data Collaborative, a coalition of water utilities working together to share metered water use data and ensure water reliability. He has worked as a consulting data engineer for a multi-million dollar venture-backed startup, ran the numbers for the State Water Contractors on Governor Brown’s Delta Fix project and co-authored the feature June 2015 American Water Works Association article on how data science can help water utilities adapt to climate change. As part of Team ARGO, his civic data science work has been featured by the Knight Foundation and Fast Coexist.

Ian Ward

Program Chair

Ian is concurrently CKAN’s Technical Lead, and the Architect of Canada’s Open Data Portal. As CKAN’s Technical Lead, he is responsible for steering the technical development of CKAN, while guiding discussions and managing contributions from a large number of developers around the world who contribute to the project. As Canada’s Open Data Portal architect, Ian guided the Canada Open Data team and worked with stakeholders to successfully deliver the project on schedule and on budget.  He has been working on Open Data since 2012.