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June 6 #okfSF @PLOS :: #OpenAccess and more

June 6, 2013 in Meetups, San Francisco

Following this event, Matt Senate of @PLOS blogged on their Recipe for a Good Event. It’s recommended reading when hosting a popular meetup.

I started open notes for the event at http://okfnpad.org/20130606sf. Below the following Meetup.com embed, I have published select tweets, photos, and other reports from #okfSF and other media. You can also check out our recap of the #okfSF meetup from March 2013.

A Meetup from one of the 130 Open Knowledge Foundation communities worldwide.

Thursday, Jun 6, 2013, 7:00 PM

Public Library of Science
1160 Battery St San Francisco, CA

83 Went

The bay area Open Knowledge community is invited for a casual meetup with a few lightning talks and targeted discussion in relevant topic areas. Join us at the SF Headquarters of PLOS, some snacks and beverages will be supplied. Will include updates on California state legislation on Open Access – AB 609 by PLOS, updates from OA at Berkeley by Angelica Tavella and Mitar Milutinovic http://oa.berke…

Check out this Meetup →

the view from the Google+ Hangout

packed house

20130606 #okfsf at plos, by cc's billy meinke

Open Access

20130606 #okfsf @plos by tommy chhengin Brasil

Alexandre Hannud Abdo, Wikimedia Brazil, and Post-doctoral researcher, Universidade de São Paulo http://cecm.usp.br/~eris/en/ via Google Hangout…

Hearing about the state of #oa in Brazil. Need for more awareness and advocacy #okfsf
Liz Flavall

 at the University of California, Davis

20130606 #okfsf at plos by sameer verma

MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian, UC Davis speaks (photo, right by @SameerVerma)

“We <3 librarians – the lifeblood of OA!!!” — Marina Kukso, PLOS

Some UC campuses may pay for open access publications. #okfsf @
Sameer Verma

MT @ Mackenzie Smith: ~900 faculty at #MIT. The #UC system has ~20k. Any change with #oa here will make a big difference. #okfSF
Liz Flavall

and reproducibility

How do we solve the reproducibility crisis? by@ on http://t.co/Ic4VTUndep #okfSF
Marina Kukso

markdown for science

20130606 #okfsf at plos - by dario of mfenner

.@ pitching Markdown for Science to a double audience at #okfSF http://t.co/itjN03At39 http://t.co/cM6uwh6bH0
Dario Taraborelli

Martin Fenner gives a plug for the Markdown in science workshop coming up this weekend. #okfSF #mdsci13
Karthik Ram

People lingered long into the evening @PLOS. They and I both inadvertently left the Google+ Hangout running, and sometime after 10pm:

20130606 #OKFNUS @PLOS Hangout

Some really interesting talks at #okfSF tonight! So excited to be interning at @ for the next few months! #OpenAccess
Katie Fleeman

Got kicked off from #okfSF hangout just before I wanted to give my lightning talk on problems with @ XML on PMC. (1/2)
Daniel Mietchen

Background in http://t.co/pMPapDzx1H (awaiting moderation; main links: http://t.co/M65FNA29tv & http://t.co/X5B8SI638S ) (2/2) #okfSF @
Daniel Mietchen

Sorry I’m missing out on the #oksf. Have to plan for #adacamp and a bit o’ headache! Perhaps next time I can present about@ :)
Sarah Stierch

the run-up

Tonight at 7PM: @ meetup for bay area open knowledge community @: http://t.co/zGFOFbCI4b Use #okfsf & notes @ http://t.co/8y2VMdMmu0
Marina Kukso

In SF? Interested in #openaccess ? You’re invited to an Open Knowledge Meetup at PLOS on 6/6, Thurs. 7pm Free. Info: http://t.co/a5e7EnS78y

in our last episode, at wikimedia

Check out our recap of the first 2013 #OKFsf meetup which opened with @jwyg delivering:

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